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The Forbes Top Ten ($$$) Eco Jobs

In this time of economic uncertainty, its reassuring to hear that we are in the right field! For those still wondering about a greener future, Forbes has the hook on the increase in environmental jobs worth 100k and over, featuring the top 10, they are;

1. Chief Sustainability Officer

These are the folks who keep their company in line: making sure government regulations are met and suggesting environmentally friendly initiatives.

2. Environmental Engineer

Environmental Engineers minimise the environmental impact of construction and development projects and the demand for environmental engineers is projected to grow by 25% by 2016.

3. Environmental Lawyer

Environmental lawyers can represent environmental groups or their adversaries. Obviously the green choice is the former .. Forbes doesnt specify which one is the big economic winner, but I am guessing the oil companies pay more than the government.

4. Climatologist/Environmental Meteorologist

Climatologists study the weather. Very important as we all become more interested in whats happening with global warming.

5. Renewable Energy Manager

Lots of jobs managing all those new renewable portfolio projects for the utilities or the solar, wind, and biofuel companies.

6. Environmental Specialist/Scientist

Finally all those geeky environmental science degrees are paying off! Environmental Specialists can work in the field chasing frogs, or crunching numbers in front of a computer.

7. Senior Urban Planner

Urban planners who can help design walkable, public transit friendly, eco cities; a hot commodity these days for cities that are eager to reduce their carbon footprint or their energy costs.

8. Commercial/Industrial Designer

Designers with a knowledge of sustainable materials, who can create low-cost environmentally friendly products are in high demand since green is the new black.

9. Conservation Scientist

Conservation scientists analyse use of natural resources to ensure that they are not depleted. These folks can work for the government or landowners to help them manage their resources better.

10. Senior Hydrologist

A hydrologist is a water expert. They work managing wastewater treatment, watersheds and sewers. As fresh clean water becomes harder to find, these guys have the keys to managing the new liquid gold.

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6 Comments. [ Add A Comment ]
1. October 21st 2008 @ 06:19. Morgan Bell Says:
many people interested in Civil Engineering now choose to do Civil & Environmental degrees degrees because there is such a huge market for Environmental Impact Statements and the like

great list Lilla!
2. October 21st 2008 @ 08:18. Lilla Says:

I have a diploma in hydraulic engineering (amongst other things), and can atest to its interesting nature.. as is this list. I dont know about everyone else, but I sure feel better taking money from the system in areas that give a little back to it, or humanity in some way.

Thank you for the compliment, I find it an interesting list for young people to contemplate as our world changes to more interessting things than profit for profits sake.

I appreciate the comment.

Lilla ..
3. October 21st 2008 @ 22:47. Louie Says:
Good list... and I agree with your comment it isn't so bad taking money out of the system if you are giving something back, we all need to eat.
4. October 22nd 2008 @ 05:13. Lilla Says:
hi Louie,

Hmmm, it still borders in grey areas doesnt it? Mainly because we are unable to hold back the tide of self destructive *progress* that our govenrments allow us to rush towards, almost unheeded in our arrogance that all will continue to be well ... these jobs are perhaps the first positive attempt at putting on breaks?

However, the line easily blurrs no matter how you look at it because as I said, move forward we must under the current sickness paradigm. Therefore, if I work for a manufacturing conglomration that helps pollute the environment and support the consumerist glut of the west, then I would say green jobs are better, undisputedly, .. however, there is very little difference in being a part of the assesment team that determines whether woolworths can build another useless mall or store somewhere green where certain frogs are rare, or for the government in whether the conglomerate can build their shiny new factory, or hotel here or there; when they will go ahead anyway and hew up the remaining pockets (over time) of green. Although I agree that green jobs will slow the progress down consdierably and may well yet manage to stop a few things completely, although Im not holding my breathe on that one!

Still there is no doubt that the jobs in this list which require skills in implementing new infrastructure to harness renewable resources such as rain and sunshine, are tops in anybodies book.

On that note, I was dismayed today to hear that the Govt. are cutting back on grants for household solar because THE INTEREST FROM CONSUMERS/HOUSEHOLDS WAS TO HIGH.. What?? I should think that 30,000 calls would have made everyone happy, which goes to prove another point. Governments are not a renewable source and need infrastructure which continues to reap revenue, another conundrum for the world of independant sustainability?

People used to eat because they grew their own food to do so and stopped living of the backs of the sherpers Louie, and although I do not agree with the inbreeding required by many early agricultural socities (like the Old European and Egyptian Royalty), I do think they had it right when it came to being self sufficient without taking too much more than the earth had to offer, workign with it rather than against it ... at least it was for themselves, with only a small amount in reserve for trade, perhaps?

What goes on today?

Utter lunacy.

Lilla ...
5. January 8th 2009 @ 17:06. Miswanderlust Says:
Happy New Years and Cheers friend. Long time no read. Have been out of the loop of late. What a wonderful post. I sent the link to a friend of mine looking to change careers. He tries to live a green lifestyle and I think a few of these might be up his alley.
6. January 11th 2009 @ 02:57. Lilla Says:
Hello (Miss), my friend!!


I hope its days unfold with all the bliss, peace and abundance you can handle in each one of them... lovely to see you again, a bonus to have been able to help a friend along to greener pastures...

Look forward to catching up over the coming weeks ...

Lilla ...

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